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Buyers, Know Your Market

Buying a home, especially if you are a first time home buyer, can be an anxious and nerve-raking event. While the transaction portion can seem daunting and sometimes frustrating it can be made less stressful by selecting a home with knowledge of conditions in your local market, relieving some of the buyer's remorse that often sets in after signing an offer and going into escrow.

Sellers, Know Your Market

When considering selling your home it is important to know your local market. This often goes beyond simply knowing what other homes in the neighborhood sold for recently.

Is Buying or Renting Better?

Is home ownership the right decision for everyone? This often depends on where you are in your life. Are you raising a family? What are your career plans? What other changes do you see in the foreseeable future?

The Long and Winding Road

I get a lot of city folk who, like me, have fallen in love with the natural beauty and rural character of the San Lorenzo Valley and surrounding areas. With home prices typically much lower and lot sizes larger than Silicon Valley home buyers are further attracted by how far their money can go.

What Were They Thinking? - Odd Homes

Often I'll walk into a home that is clean and well kept, but after a few moments of walking around I notice things don't flow quite right. Other times the obvious thing that comes to mind is "What were they thinking!?"

Building Permits - Pay Now or Pay Later

One of the many things somewhat common with real estate in the San Lorenzo Valley and some other parts of Santa Cruz County, as well as other rural California locations are properties that have been built or added on to without the benefit of permits. Sometimes times this can be a minor distraction, but in many cases it causes problems with the marketability and financing of the home.

The Imperfections of Mountain Living

When buying a home in San Lorenzo Valley or other rural mountain areas some of the first things people fall in love with are the tranquil quiet settings, the abundance and beauty of nature, and the seemingly slower pace of life. If moving from more urban San Francisco Bay Area locations such as the Silicon Valley often home buyers are also attracted by the lower home prices.

Are Interest Rates Going Up?

The most likely answer is yes.

In a recent (August 10, 2013) blog on The Hill, "In housing finance overhaul, all eyes focused on 30-year fixed mortgage", and other reports President Obama and Congress are starting to talk again about heavily reducing or possibly eliminating the government sponsored enterprises of Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC) involvement in the home mortgage market.

My new blog

Welcome to the new SLV Real Estate website. I felt it was necessary to create a site that contained more than many by providing regularly updated information on the local real estate market and other forces affecting it.


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