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Connectivity in the Home

One of the things that is not often included in the listing information is the availability of Internet. Today it is a necessary item. Not only for work, but for everything we seem to do these days. From Apple TV, Netflix, and Hulu for entertainment to access to our bank, health insurance, and so many other things.

Where are You in Life?

I was mentioning to an acquaintance some of the places I've lived over the years, which haven't been many, but they have been varied. They commented that they'd lived in the same place for most of their adult life, having bought the home when they married.

In the past there was a fairly common assumption that you bought your first home soon after you got married, raised a family, then as the nest emptied you would often downsize into something a bit more manageable.

Help, My GPS Got Me Lost!

One of the first things perspective home buyers and new residents of San Lorenzo Valley and the surrounding Santa Cruz Mountains learn is not to count on their GPS. It doesn't matter if it is on your smart phone using Google or Apple or a dedicated TomTom style device.

You Want What?

One of the services an agent provides is their expertise in listening to what you say and figuring out what you really mean. This doesn't happen in the first few minutes and often times takes several weeks of viewing property. Beyond listening to what you say your agent also watches your sometimes subtle body language when touring different homes.

Communication Key to Closing

Perhaps it would be better to say that lack of communication destroys more real estate transactions than anything else.

Thinking of Becoming a Landlord?

Real estate as an investment can be tricky, especially for those who love property. That might sound like a contradiction, but the most difficult part about purchasing real estate for your portfolio is removing the emotion. In order to be successful investing in real estate the most important step is to establish your goals and expections from a financial perspective.

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Successfully selling a home has to do with buyers' expectations. There are times when "beigifying" is the right answer, especially if the existing finishes are tired, damaged, or dirty. If your favorite wall colors are very bold or specifically chosen for your furnishings you might also consider a change. However, color isn't always a bad thing, especially if they are warm and inviting, or emphasize a space.

Holiday Home Selling

If you're interested in serious buyers ready to make a decision and you, your home, and your property are up to the task, then the holiday season and the winter months might be for you.

It's All in a Picture

How many times have we heard that "a picture is worth a thousand words"? While in many cases this can be true we, buyers and their agents, have all to often found that the pictures of homes and property don't always present what most of us call reality.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Whether you're financing your home purchase or using all cash it is important to thoroughly know what you're getting yourself into. In California most purchase contracts are "as-is", meaning once you own it any problems are now your problems. Enthusiastic buyers, especially in a sellers' market, thinking they've found the perfect home will have the tendency to push toward closing on their dream without having conditions investigated.


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