Your Stuff vs. Their Stuff

Listing your home for sale can be an awkward lifestyle moment. If you're living in your home while it is on the market, which many of us do, it can feel invasive when agents and their buyers come by for a showing or when a multitude trample through during an open house.

Most sellers accept this in stride; understanding the necessity, but that doesn't make it less frustrating at times. Also, keeping a clean house 24/7 is never easy, especially for those housekeeping challenged such as myself.

This is usually just inconvenient or an minor annoyance through the sale process.

A larger factor which can also greatly affect the sale-ability of your home is your stuff. If you're like most of us we accumulate a lot of it during our ownership. Some of the stuff we don't use, some of it is for decoration, and some of it we use on a daily basis.

The stuff we don't use is the easiest to deal with. It can be perceived by buyers as clutter or simply make spaces in your home seem smaller. A simple solution, if you can't part with it, is to move it to temporary storage while your house is on the market.Clutter

Decorations can be a bit more difficult. The help make your house your home. The problem is that buyers want to see it as their home. It isn't necessary, or often desirable, to remove all the decorations and personal items from your house, but you do want potential buyers to be able to see how the house will become their home. You do want to consider storing or taking out of sight those items which personalize your space, such as family pictures, religious symbols, or items that might not be seen in a 1950's TV show. Don't worry, your items aren't gone forever, merely taking a holiday while your selling your home.

Items which we use on a daily basis can also hinder your sale. Many of us leave things on counters, tables, or other surfaces that we use daily. Things like your coffee maker or blender can make your kitchen counters seem cluttered. Perhaps you have regular reading material on a living room side table or if you have a desk you use are their papers on it? The big elephant in the room can such as an overstuffed, but comfy living room set can make the room seem much smaller than it is. All these things should be considered.

Realtors® often recommend or use professionals to help with getting your home ready helping your home become the best showcase it can. This relatively inexpensive choice can bring you big returns, so make sure you consider it. Buyers want your house with their stuff, not yours.