Selling the Imperfect Home

If you're like many of us you're in amazement at those perfect pristine homes other people have on the market. Whether you've been looking at open houses or clicking through pictures online it always seems many of the homes are sparkling. They'll feature remodeled kitchens, shiny new hardwood floors, immaculate landscaping or the latest in modern conveniences.

These sellers have spent considerable time and money eitherMessy Room constantly updating and cleaning their homes or dropped a big chunk of change preparing their home for sale, knowing that many times in the current market updated and ready to move-in houses often sell faster and at higher prices.

As you get ready to sell your home you may be wondering how you can compete with these ideal looking properties? Your home doesn't look like this; your home is lived in! You raised your family there and struggled with each and every house payment. There was no extra time or money for repeatedly remodeling and keeping the inside and yard like a model home. Your grass isn't green (not that green is good in drought prone California), your carpet has spots, the kitchen counters are Formica, not granite.

While you might not be able to compete because of either time or money, there are several steps you can take that can hasten your sale and bring the greatest return that don't require months of lost weekend or spending all your precious cash.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Give your house a deep cleaning. Better yet, hire professional cleaners. They know how to get the crevices clean and shine the dull services. They are also relatively inexpensive. A good cleaning can cost $200 or less.

Clean, Clean, Clean, Part 2

Consider having your carpets and floors professionally cleaned. They're a bit more than a house cleaner, but can remove a multitude of previous sins caused by family and friends.

Toss, Toss, Toss

Go through your home and toss out anything you haven't used in a while. If its personal, toss it into storage, either in the house, garage, or public storage. Remove all the things you won't using while your home is on the market.

Stage, Stage, Stage

Removing all your belongings and replacing them with stuff from a professional staging company can be expensive. For often a lot less money you can bring in a professional to give you advice on staging your home with your own items through removing excess and maximizing layout.

Weed, Weed, Weed

Again, for a reasonable fee you can bring in the professionals. Gardeners for a day can work miracles. If you have areas that are resolutely ugly or barren you can use inexpensive ground covering to make things look fresh.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Professionally done this can be a bit more expensive, but it can if properly done, along with carpet cleaning, remove odors and give the home a new brightness. Defining colors can often be the in thing, but sometimes neutralizing a few can help as well. Besides your painter, you might consult your staging person, as they are often trained interior decorators.