Connectivity in the Home

Felton Winter Sky

About a week ago I returned from the longest vacation I've taken in quite some time. 2 weeks in Cabo San Lucas! Before I went on the trip I knew I would have to be connected, as in the Internet, to make the trip doable. Your Realtor is never completely on vacation.

I thought I had it covered. I checked with the place I was staying and they said they had wireless Internet available for an additional cost of $5.00 per week. What a bargain. How could I resist. Problem solved.

Once I checked in at the hotel I fired up the laptop and connected to the wireless. I opened the browser and signed on to the wireless portal which re-directed me to Yahoo Mexico. I went into my email and messages started coming in. So far so good. I then started replying to the emails that needed attention. This is when the trouble began. Nothing would go out successfully and when I went to my browser I couldn't access many sites. It turned out the wireless was great, but the Internet connection not so much!

Okay, so I can solve this. I'll just use my iPhone to hotspot data over cellular. This worked great except I got a text from AT&T saying I was having extremely high data usage and to call to set up a plan. I had sent 3 emails and no browsing. When I spoke with AT&T they told me that without an international plan my data was costing $15.00 per megabyte and the plan was $30.00 for 110 megabytes. I don't know about you, but my computer can slurp that much data almost idling. Some of the contracts and documents we send are over 10 megabytes.

Needless to say, I didn't get much except the necessities done during my vacation work-wise.

Why do I bring this up? How does this relate to buying a home?

One of the things that is not often included in the listing information is the availability of Internet. Today it is a necessary item. Not only for work, but for everything we seem to do these days. From Apple TV, Netflix, and Hulu for entertainment to access to our bank, health insurance, and so many other things.

If you live in Silicon Valley it is pretty much a given that you will have several options for provision of your home Internet connection. Either through cable, DSL, or some sort of fiber connection.

This isn't necessarily true in the Santa Cruz Mountain areas such as the San Lorenzo Valley (Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Ben Lomond, Felton) or along the Summit ridge. In these areas there certainly is little or no fiber and DSL connection speeds, especially away from town centers, can be very slow. Most of the areas are covered by cable, but outlying areas aren't.

When shopping for that beautiful home either among the redwoods or on top of the mountain it can be important to check what connectivity you can get before falling in love with the property. Of course, your Realtor can help provide you with the options that can work.