5 New Friends Buyers Get in San Lorenzo Valley

If you're an expat from Silicon Valley or some other suburban or urban area that has made the decision to enjoy the rural life of the San Lorenzo Valley it means you get some new friends!

These probably aren't the friends you were thinking of, but they may become some of your best friends.

Septic Truck

  1. The Septic Guy

    He will hopefully only need to come and visit you every few years, but if you have a problem you'll definitely want him as a favorite on your phone. There are few things worse than not knowing how to get a hold of this person when necessary.

  2. The Propane Guy

    Unless you are close to one of the central town areas you are most likely going to depend on propane for your heating and hot water. If you don't like cold showers you'll definitely want this guy on your hot list.

  3. The PG&E Guy

    Yes, if you're previously from other parts of Northern California you are probably already familiar with this guy, but living in the Santa Cruz Mountains power failures can occur more frequently, often closer to home. The power lines are often running through the trees and you may be the only one affected. Keep this number close at hand.

  4. The Tree Guy

    Trees are our thing in SLV. They're everywhere and very big. Falling trees or even branches can cause damage to homes, other property, or even you. One way to minimize these hazards is to trim or remove dangerous candidates. If something does fall you'll most likely want it cleaned up, especially if it's in or across your driveway. Get him on your list.

  5. The Bug Guy

    You're in the woods! Bugs love wood! The San Lorenzo Valley is home to several species of bugs that want to make a meal out of your home. If it isn't the bugs most years we have plenty of rain and moisture. This can also be detrimental to the wood in and on your home. Having your Pest Control (Termite) guy's number handy is a good thing.

Numbers for the utilities can be found at Utilities. For other references feel free to give a call or send an email.

(by the way, guys in this context refers to all genders definitions)