Newsletter - April 30, 2020 market update

How is COVID-19 affecting real estate?


Selling the Imperfect Home

If you're like many of us you're in amazement at those perfect pristine homes other people have on the market. Whether you've been looking at open houses or clicking through pictures online it always seems many of the homes are sparkling. They'll feature remodeled kitchens, shiny new hardwood floors, immaculate landscaping or the latest in modern conveniences.

The Curse of the Pristine Home

With the summer months upon us and the kids out of school many buyers are renewing their new home search. When I'm showing them property or run across them at an open house they are often looking for the perfect house. The house with the granite kitchen counter tops, glass bathroom sinks, new hardwood floors, and immaculate landscaping. In other words, the pristine home.

The Catch-22 of Low Housing Inventory

Entering this spring we're seeing extremely low housing inventory in the local area. The question is why?

There are the usual answers which seem very plausible. Winter weather conditions were a bit harsh with plenty of rainy days which disuaded sellers from putting their home on the market. Road conditions were difficult, making everything difficult. Interest rates have inched up a bit reducing buying power.

However, all indications are there are many people ready to move, whether it is up or down or sideways.

The 2% Solution for Home Maintenance

Have you ever driven by a home or apartment building that is in serious disrepair? Do you wonder how it got to this state? Surely the owner didn't mean for one of their most valuable assets to depreciate its current condition?

Local Realtor® Knowledge is Key

From time to time we, as local Realtors®, get the opportunity to work with other agents that are not local. Usually they have helped or are helping their client sell their current home. Since they have a good relationship they want to help their, now buyer, to find a new home. Not to mention the opportunity to earn another full commission.

How to Never Have a Rent Increase Again

One of the most fearful days of the year every person who rents or leases their home or apartment is the day your landlord decides it is time to raise the rent.

If you're on a month-to-month this can happen with as little as 30 days notice; with a lease, at the end of your lease term. In most places in California they can raise it as much as they want.

Buying Your First Investment Property

So you've done it. You've found your dream job, saved some money, bought your own home, and are working toward investing in your future financial independence or retirement. Several friends have told you that real estate is one of the things you should invest in and they're right.

5 DIY Winners and Losers


  1. Save big bucks. By doing it by yourself and maybe a couple friends you don't need to fork over money to contractors.

Getting Green with Small and Mini Homes

Many people will exclaim their environmental consciousness by telling you about their Tesla or Prius. They might expound upon their composting, recycling, and double pane windows.

Then you realize that this middle aged couple with no kids living at home ramble around a 2,300 square foot home, running their heat or A/C to keep themselves comfortable. They might even have high vaulted ceilings that they keep nice and toasty in the winter.


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